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Frequent Asked Questions

Q: What is the turnaround time?

 A: From design approval, it takes around 3 to 4 weeks to deliver each order.


 Q: What are the minimum orders?  Do all shirts have to be the same size and color?

 A: The minimum order is 12 pieces, and the sizes and colors may be different as long as the color of the approved design is the same.


 Q: Are your jerseys of good quality?

 A: We utilize brands, which can be obtained from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Sam’s, etc.; the only difference is that you can save up to $ 3.00 per unit when you buy from us.


 Q: Can I bring my items and have them printed/personalized?

 A: Of course we are open to print your garments, the only thing is that we are not responsible for any error nor guarantee the piece after it’s been worked on. 


 Q: Will you do the design for me?

 A: We make the basic design of the products for free, such as the arrangement of words, design of business cards, etc; but the cost of the logo, or the re-drawing of a logo have additional costs depending on the time and artistic difficulty. The cost can range from $30 - $150.


 Q: I’m in a hurry, can you print faster?

 A: We have express service options, and we always try to give the best service to our clients as long as it is within our possibilities, and also so that our suppliers can send us the products quickly.

 Q: How can I place my order?

 A: We ask for an advance of 50% and the remaining 50% upon delivery/receipt. We have different payment options: by card, email, or by phone.


 Q: Can you reduce my taxes if I pay you in cash?

 A: All of our orders have a record that must be kept. For this reason, we collect taxes of 8.25% on every order.

 Q: Can you make a sample to see how it looks?

 A: In all of our projects we send a digital sample to receive an approval from our clients before the printing/personalization process. Products will physically resemble the digital proofs. All the physical samples are charge a non-refundable $50 to $80. This payment is an investment and it is paid by the client.

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